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  Zhongchong Sino Biological Technology Co.,Ltdspecializes in the research and development of new veterinary biological products, the transformation of results, vaccine quality evaluation, drug safety evaluation, diagnostic preparation research and development, technical services and scientific and technological consultation of state-owned high-tech enterprises. The company is a joint venture between Beijing Xinuo Jinghe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Zhongchong Group, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan, covering an area of 23 mu, with a total investment of 200 million yuan.

At present, it has the research and development platform of new biological products of livestock and poultry, quality evaluation platform, vaccine adjuvant technology platform, cell, virus, molecular biology diagnosis and detection technology research and development platform. A 4000 square meter platform for new product development, quality evaluation and process research has been built, and a 1000 square meter platform for drug safety evaluation has been established. The platform has been certified by China National Accreditation Committee for Qualification (CNAS). It is the first CNAS Laboratory for animal vaccine quality evaluation in China. At present, the platform runs a total of 34 CNAS approved testing projects, involving all items of vaccine product testing, including aseptic testing, virus content testing, exogenous virus testing, potency testing, plaque counting and formaldehyde residue testing, etc., can meet the needs of veterinary biological products testing in an all-round way.


The company has established a complete ELISA diagnostic kit system including FMD, PRRS, CSF, PRV, PCV2 and so on. The specificity, sensitivity and stability of the ELISA diagnostic kit system have reached the international advanced level.



In 2016, the company and China Pharmaceutical City, the establishment of Jiangsu Huachuang Xinno Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., the main business of pharmaceutical technology research and development, technology transfer, technology promotion, technical advisory services, product characteristics testing services.


In 2018, a 20,000-square-meter scientific research building will be built, including a research and development platform for new veterinary biological products, a diagnostic reagent production line, a vaccine diagnostic and vaccine clinical evaluation center, a GLP platform for drug evaluation, a safety academician workstation, a post-doctoral mobile station, a veterinary drug and vaccine professional testing personnel training center, and an information platform.


The company has a professional R&D team of old, middle-aged and young people, with 58 employees, 7 doctors, 28 masters, middle and senior titles and above, including Shuangchuang talents in Jiangsu Province, six peak talents in Jiangsu Province, 113 high-level talents in China Medical City.


The company has completed the standards of "General Requirements for Animal-derived Raw Materials", "Revision of Quality Standards for White Oil for Injection", "Revision of Viscosimeter Viscosity Standards and Viscosimetry for Vaccines" and so on, which have been included in the Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia (2015 edition).


The company has established good cooperative relations of production, study and research with Yangzhou University, Shandong Agricultural University, South China Agricultural University, Jiangsu Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Technology Vocational and Technical College and other units. The "recombinant inactivated Newcastle Disease virus vaccine (A-_strain)" developed jointly with Academician Liu Xiufan's team of Yangzhou University has obtained the national first class veterinary drug registration certificate. The book, this achievement is the international leading level, selected national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" scientific and technological achievements exhibition won the first prize of the Ministry of Education for scientific and technological progress.


The company has made fruitful achievements in scientific research and undertakes three sub-projects of the national key R&D program, "Integration and Demonstration Research on Comprehensive Prevention and Control Technology of Newcastle Disease in Poultry Farm". Relying on the CNAS detection platform, the company has established laboratory and clinical evaluation system of vaccine science, developed rapid diagnostic technology for avian influenza, avian leukemia and chicken white diarrhea and its matching diagnosis. Break the reagent, actively advocate the concept of "scientific burden reduction", and build a demonstration farm for breeding poultry farms.


The company is committed to become a professional R&D and evaluation institution close to the actual needs of China's aquaculture epidemic prevention and control, and the technical level is in line with international standards. It will establish an open, efficient and win-win cooperation platform, gather high-level R&D leaders in the industry, and establish a skilled and experienced team of professional R&D and testing personnel. We will implement a scientific and efficient enterprise management mechanism to strengthen and accelerate the ability and process of industrialization and promotion of new products, and work with our partners to promote the international competitiveness of the domestic veterinary biological products industry for the benefit of the aquaculture industry.